Those Twenty Something Plans – August 2012

Those Twenty Something Plans

those twenty something plans
so much harder to understand
change the language
a foreign land
words scrabble to be heard
we have changed
things are not as they were
the childish smile
the childish play
they play hide and seek
with the words the parents would like to say
but they dare not
never break the spell
just build, build, build
the biggest ever wishing well
we cast aspersions
with a poor cast
and a play,
whose run may just be the last
but with an ever diminishing audience
pushing at the doors
and the drawn out sighs
seeping into every applause
but we are individuals
and life must exist in us and around us
and this, we should embrace

James Garratt – August 2012

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

4 thoughts on “Those Twenty Something Plans – August 2012

    • It’s just about the rush we sometimes do to put things in place because we feel we have to. Not everyone but I did, got to settle down, got to find a place to live, the perfect job. I wrote this when I was 37 and it’s just reflecting back on those decisions which are for some people are great and work out but sometimes for others, they blind to other things in life and they become a pressure. It’s about not losing your identity and who you are and realising that life is many things 🙂

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      • Yes, sort of mirrors some personal philosophies I have. I’m not looking for the American dream, I don’t believe there is truly such a thing. Making mention of not losing your identity absolutely has to do with what dreams we do have. Bogging ourselves down with obligation after obligation and responsibility after responsibility genuinely takes away from actual living. Yet the balance can be tough to find

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      • Exactly. I just felt I rushed to do certain things in my twenties which then fell apart quickly and I realised lots of people I knew were unhappy with their choices but felt obliged to carry on – you know for the sake of the children for example which is what the lines in the poem about parents and hide and seek refer to.


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