Good Guess – Friday 20th October 1995

Good Guess

don’t need to say it to me
keep away the years
i have been living out here
with the worst fears
how can i tell you
you know i can’t lie to you
when i hold so much respect
yet it kills me so
with your correct guess
you will always be a bit like me
always around
but you keep on moving about
rarely on the ground
it’s got to happen one day
i know it will
everything will come our way
i know how we feel
don’t need to say it to me
i have always tried my best
how can i ever be free
what a good guess

James Garratt – Friday 20th October 1995


  1. I just came across your blog post now and very impressed on how detail you have made it with the dates and years you had written absolutely Amazing and great writings that will inspire bloggers like me to keep at it no matter what 😇

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    1. Thank for taking the time to comment and look 🙂 I have been writing ‘stuff’ down since I was 17 – I have all these writing pads and thought it would be good to start going back through them and archiving them. It’s a massive project so thank you for the comments. Some of the writing is good – some not so!!! There was only ever a wish to record stuff and some of that has turned out ‘okay’. Of course – keep going – write for yourself and for the sheer enjoyment and reward of it. Happy to check out your writing if you wish me to. Thanks again, James 🙂


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