Everyone in Class (Originally Untitled) – Written Wednesday 28th December 2016 (Aged 41)

Everyone in Class

everyone in class
has put their hand up
wants to be heard
everyone wants the moral high ground
everyone wants the final word
always finds itself entangled
in power structures
because that is how discrimination works
until we understand that
we will never be heard
every, ‘ist’ and every, ‘ism’
seeks to escape
from their inbound prison
everyone thinks they know what is right
who to hate,
and who they should hold tight
everyone is like me
taking a gamble on so many lights
feel the constraints of society shift and groan
feel every plea for understanding
as a plea for, please, do not be alone
everyone in class
believes they will be heard
and every champion of their cause
believes they will and should have the final word

James Garratt – Thursday 15th December 2016

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