In Love – Written May 2015 (Aged 40)

In Love

this being in love
it does not come easily to me
they gave ne,
and barriers –
as a child
i am not convinced they all helped
i asked my parents what to do
but they were too busy –
taking down personal shelves
and trying to work out
why the ice cream always melts
this caring for people
stretches my bands
it is easier to turn away
then stare straight on and meet
did i tell you, at her house –
i used to pretend i was asleep
and every christmas i only ever wondered
if they would help me find my feet

James Garratt – May 2015

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1 Comment

  1. This really struck me. Ice cream melts. Reminded me of my first love, Yang Liwei, a Chinese foreign exchange student who loved Baskin Robbins chocolate chip.


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