U.F.O – Written Tuesday 15th March 1994 (Aged 19)


one upon a time –
things fell through space and time
u.f.o’s from another dimension
they came to find you and me
teachers and preachers came to study
some alternate reality

once upon a time –
upon lips bathed in fragrant wine
caesar got stabbed in the back
beings from another dimension
are back, to manipulate and attack
to breed confusion

once upon a time –
they are the living illusion
because u.f.o’s come to your dreams
they take you far away,
but keep you close
to submit you and do strange things
living on an overdose

once upon a time –
the door was closed
but now we have to find that special thing
that dimensional opening
because u.f.o’s are more
much more than a dream
and much more than a simple door

James Garratt – Tuesday 15th March 1994

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