Flirt – Written June 1997 (Aged 22)


i can see her, smiling like we do
leah has been hurt
and she has been hurt bad
sixteen to nineteen, so sad
now it is freedom all the way
she wants to live every day
she is going to flirt with it in every way
as walls come tumbling down
her walls goes up,
leah is defensive
you can see it in the mask she wears
she pretends she doesn’t
but you know really she longs to care
but her past took her to a place
that she never wants to be at again
it’s nothing to do with me
i am just an acquaintance
i see her,
she is the only leah i know
and what a painful way to grow
swopping so much –
for goodbyes and tough luck
now it is time for fun
grown up kisses and a grown up hugs
i can see her,
but i cannot get close
leah is always away from me
i can’t, but i would like to,
i would love to reach her

James Garratt – June 1997

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