For You – Written Saturday 1th June 1997 (Aged 22)

For You

this is for you
if you ever made it on time
if you ever bothered to turn up
i could say,
meet at seven
but i know you would be late
so this is for you
but i will not wait
so you will never read it
i could phone you up
i know that you feel alone
i could say, this is for you
and read it down the phone
i could say, is that okay?
you would be polite and say yes
but you would forget the next day

this is for you
for the memories and everything
most of which you will have forgot
this is the the status i held
for the image i gave you
and that that it is hard to weld
when two people are on different planes
this is for you,
for the testing and the games
for me being so stupid
and getting caught up in stupid games
for hurting you so bad
for promising nothing
and then leaving you so sad
for only being my selfish self
when it might have been better
if i had being somebody else

James Garratt – Saturday 14th June 1997

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