We Are Only Part Of It – Written Saturday 14th June 1997

We Are Only Part Of It

we are only part of it
the bigger plan
its bigger than the city
bigger than the palm of my hand
we are only looking
you can never do it all
there are too many situations
there comes a point –
then you have to lay some foundations
two years from now,
you will not feel so free
you have spent two years –
of taking flak and struggling
then come back to me
and criticise my life –
for taking what seems to little
i can’t do nothing
i lack confidence and i’m brittle
i have to be doing something
i can’t feel worthless
we are only part of it
we cannot escape
you cannot be so special
that you are never part of fate
rebelling is the easy part
trying playing the game
and still getting what is best

James Garratt – Saturday 14th June 1997

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