Life (What’s The Point!) – Written Friday 12th March 1993 (Aged 18)

Life (What’s The Point!)

every time i look i just don’t see
nothing for the future
and nothing for me
and every time i think of dying
i seem to be in a sea of despair
sitting here and crying
life is a sentence full of tears
maybe it will not be so terrifying
if i bide my time,
i may be let off in a few years
my future feels like a dark horizon
tears well up deep inside me
my troubles are rising
life can be cold dark and empty
life is a fridge,
there are lots of nice things inside,
none of which last
isn’t strange tottering on the ridge

James Garratt – Friday 12th March 1993

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      1. Oh no, I don’t dismiss, this whole ‘ typing up my writing’, has been a complete journey of learning. For me, the life narrative we construct is so different to what you actually find. And you have to start and grow somewhere don’t you

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