The Boy Behind the Glasses: All About Me

The Boy Behind the Glasses is a collection of writing from the last 25 years (maybe more) of my life.

I started writing things down at the age of 16, initially with no other idea of plan then to keep a record of my thoughts and feelings. Given my growing up experiences it felt like the perfect way to apply some self help therapy.

Gradually over time I developed some sort of confidence to show them to other people and people suggested that i can hone the writing and write some half decent poetry. So that is what i have continued to do throughout my life.

I am not a professional writer although I have written for a local newspapers about local history, VW magazines about VW Campers and vans and once upon a time i did write a very short story that was published in a magazine and somewhere, back in my 20’s i did write a book but the less said about that the better.

This is my collection of writings and thoughts, hopefully capturing my life from very early, awkward teenage years through to where i am now, slightly less awkward middle age years.

I have always tried to capture not only my life but also the times i have lived through and although i would never claim to be the most technical writer I like to think that overall i capture something, perhaps it’s the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Please read, enjoy and feel free to comment.

Thank you,