Has Anyone?

Has Anyone? You write about mewith a piece –optimistically under the banner of poetry.Your strangled communication skillssuffocated in the wheeze of … More

Only You

Only You hypocrisy never strikes youit remains some distant awaystupidity never taps you on the shoulderand points out the stupidity … More

Co Pilot

co Piloti was born on a rudderless boat,raised in an endless traffic jam.i went to school in a barren desert,where … More

Pass the Parcel

these days –i defend my positionyes, I know I am madi always have.i inherited it one Christmas,from Mum and Dad. … More


packed up the bagsunder my eyesno sorrowand no goodbyeshad to declare,independence,for my mental statei left for my capitalbefore it became … More

Some of the Things

some of the things I believed inwhen I was youngergot lost on the way.some of the things I believed inran … More