Cancer of Stupidity

so tonight, i watch the car crashes in my lifethe cancer of stupidityremains resistant to my knifethe rules of engagement constantly changeyou want me to validate itwould you like my pain?so tonight,i hear about them againand I have;nowhere to actually golights do shine in the distancebut their arrival seems so slow Sunday 2nd March 2008

Packing Up Memories

only ever tried to encourage youto be yourselfnot gain these possessionsand compete with everybody elseonly ever wanted youto believe in yourselfnot spend a lifetimein awe of everybody elsebut you would not listen;to the words I used to sayand where once dew so easily glistenedsuddenly we turn to face a sky of greywe pack up our memoriesat the end of our days James Garratt – Sunday 2nd March 2008


i try to lovebut it is not clearit is physical and I pull them nearbut in the back of my mindthere’s a memorythat’s too easy to findand every time –it’s therei try to lovewith a passionit should be fantastici just feel like a passing fashionit’s great in bedbut every time – it is thereand they will not go awayhow can a feelinghave so much to say? James Garratt – Monday 3rd March 2008

Taken Apart

you take apart every time I see youyou deconstruct meevery time you smilefor a whilei thought something elsewould hide a feeling so wildi thought it would workif I just kept pretendinghoping beyond hopethat there would be an endingyou break me downevery time you are closeyou tear me upevery time you touch me. James Garratt – Monday 3rd March 2008


how Do I explain?beautiful, funnyas sexy and infectious as everall the seasonsevery type of weather. how can I tell you?that I still have the feelingsand a long for your touchthat any time with youit’s not enough. how do I make sense?as ever, part of mea deep connectioni wonder about your talentyou have unique direction. how do I explain?wonderful, uniqueas sexy and infectious as everlife looks less bleakwith your amazing weather. it’s you, always you, somehow complete James Garratt – March 2008


what to dowhen dreams get broken in twothen there is you and mewith dreams broken into threeand what if you go back through the doordo they get broken into four?and if you shout out, I am alive!do they end up broken into five?and if count all the broken bitswill I be counting past six?somewhere there’s a personal heavenwhere dreams are divided into sevenperhaps those who can only hatecount their broken dreams beyond eightyou could ask me about minei stopped counting at the age of ninei know now is a time to start againembrace this brave new worldbefore broken dreams reach ten Thursday 13th March 2008

Home Town

of course you think where I live is’re a born snob – and you have struggledall your life to ape those white middle classvalues they have doped you up on. where I live may be rough – it may not beto your liking. But we don’t all have the choicein where we live, we work hard and live wherewe can afford.  people like you live in white middle class suburbswith nice white middle class people reading the Daily Mail and pretending that their world is allwhite and safe. you turn your nose up at where i live – yetcuriously if you were to buy a house here –you would not be able to afford it. Do weneed people like you? do you think your little world is safe and ispopulated by well meaning people – whonever do anything wrong. Does the realityof my neighbourhood scare you? is the truth that where i live highlights yourbigotry and prejudices and your fears.

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at this moment nothing feels settledas if snowdrifts have found my doorsas if the things I knoware off fighting a hundred year wari feel fate upon my shouldershaven’t we all been here before?as if the waves of changeare crashing against my shoreat this moment nothing feels secureinsanity beckons;and it is hard to resist its lurei need all that there isthe most magic of cures James Garratt – March 2008