Cancer of Stupidity

so tonight, i watch the car crashes in my lifethe cancer of stupidityremains resistant to my knifethe rules of engagement constantly changeyou … More

Packing Up Memories

only ever tried to encourage youto be yourselfnot gain these possessionsand compete with everybody elseonly ever wanted youto believe in … More


i try to lovebut it is not clearit is physical and I pull them nearbut in the back of my mindthere’s … More

Taken Apart

you take apart every time I see youyou deconstruct meevery time you smilefor a whilei thought something elsewould hide a feeling … More


how Do I explain?beautiful, funnyas sexy and infectious as everall the seasonsevery type of weather. how can I tell you?that … More


what to dowhen dreams get broken in twothen there is you and mewith dreams broken into threeand what if you … More

Home Town

of course you think where I live is’re a born snob – and you have struggledall your life to … More


at this moment nothing feels settledas if snowdrifts have found my doorsas if the things I knoware off fighting a … More

Setting Sail

i have cast a feelingset it freewatch it sail across the seadespite proclamations;few have ever really known mebut she;did everything … More