She Said

she Saidshe said…i never have much luck with menand I did not know what to say.swimming pool eyesthat reflect the … More

Loving Us is Complicated

loving you is complicatedisn’t it always?i just smileand let you,just be you if others look surprisedi know,how I feel inside … More


feelings become balloonsfilled with heliumthat floator rise to the sky oceans of emotionfall as rain drops from our eyesthe make … More


they keep a piece backit hurtsbut I acceptafter allwho gives it all?i would like,to shout it from the rooftopsbut at … More


i hope,i bridge the gapremove the weight of doubt,from your backmake hands,reach outlet you find joyi hope,one dayi will be … More


you champion my causefind my footlightstread the boardsgive me something to saystand out in hordesa leading lady in my playyou … More

Heart Gate

heart gateremains lockedshut,or barely openprevious peoplehave only hurt heart gatestruggle to openshut,not so much,in need of a keyor even a … More

Skinny Dreams

skinny dreamsnot full fatflesh to bones skinny dreamsclouds in a cuponly full fatwith a sprinkle of luck James Garratt – … More


clifftopthe drop, more than expectedteetering on the edgewonder if I could be savedby stony ledgelooked outto the sea beyondand then … More

Fish out of Water

fish out of waterjust trying to breathefell into lovethen it decided to leavefound myself a new mayorin which to believe … More