She Said

she Saidshe said…i never have much luck with menand I did not know what to say.swimming pool eyesthat reflect the colour of clay. she said…last night I cried myself to sleep,i felt a hand reach outand my emotions collapse in a desire to helphad gagged and bound me to my seat. she said…you always listenand though I always did,i felt almost helpless and inadequateand I watched as pride snuck off and hide James Garratt – November 2008


feelings become balloonsfilled with heliumthat floator rise to the sky oceans of emotionfall as rain drops from our eyesthe make up,never breaks upit just covers a well of experiencenever full, not as such. And if you feel that today hurtsyou could take a chancefeelings as wordswritten in your sky James Garratt – Monday 3rd November 2008


clifftopthe drop, more than expectedteetering on the edgewonder if I could be savedby stony ledgelooked outto the sea beyondand then downas the waves,crashed against jagged rockwonder if self destructionis always this closebefore it stopsdeep breaths nowclifftop James Garratt – Wednesday 5th November 2008