Looking Sweeter

the world looks sweeterand i feel neateri have got my feet backi have got a little self respect control the drinkingcontrol the thinkingstrange bed companionscan’t stop a ship sinkingor the traits of champions the world looks easierand eases into a chairi have found my lifeand now it is good to share who wants to fight?control the thinkingcontrol the drinkingcontrol the leaving the world changeswith every change, in your pulsethe sea gets strongerthe pain is a strange strainBut not for much longer James Garratt – Monday 26th June 2000

Somebody Made a Difference

somebody made a differenceto a life lived so strangeso what happened to suburbia?so what happened to my wage?now I am twenty fivesome people have what they wantbut they never realise they are alivethey work hard –and look for a partner –who dreams of being somewhere elsebut is too scared to actually leavebecause they are not sure –if they want to be themselvessomebody making a differencei have got chapters of my life waitingi will prepare the bookwhy don’t you do the writing?so what happened to yours?did you forget to turn on the lighti will make it strange to the touchturn it on for my life James Garratt – Sunday 16th April 2000