Trumpets No Longer Call

i seep out of your lifemy grip lessensthere is a darker placeand now it starts to beckontrumpets suddenly,no longer calli feel myself slippingand I start to falli watched you as you smiledand I watch as you let gosuddenly all the tension,starts to showconfidence ebbs awayi know our day is overand that it can no longer stayi seep out of your lifeyour grip lessensthere is a fearful placeand now it starts to beckon James Garratt – Monday 1st December 2008

The Duvet We Once Slept Under

i am not quite herecaught in momentsthat remind me of youi am flat and without lifemy personality so blindand in need of lightreason impossible to findi listen to the songsthat we listened to togetheri cling to a duvetthat we once slept underand then I find my feelingsawe and wonderThat I could feel like thisthe mighty mountainthat I once stood uponcrumbles to dustnow that you have goneand cliches about loveand love lost, do littleto keep me warm James Garratt – Monday 1st December 2008

The Last Lighthouse

the weather suits my moodi stare at the televisioni pick over my foodi get caught in the darknessof this, my deepest moodlife, suddenly the harshest lightand it starts to intrudei linger over the telephonei sit and I broodi think I would rather be alonebut I know how much people careand i know I need themso I ache to have them therebut I know I am no companyjust me and my thoughtsa lucky dip of insanitythe weather suits my moodmemories seem like a splintereach coming with a little painin this cold cold winter James Garratt – Monday 1st December 2008


my love for younever dimsno matter the blows that it takeseven if the knowledgethat we have no fatearrives with an abruptness that I wish it was late my Love for youhas been through the warsfor so long nowit has been my rightful causeit’s ups and downsit seemshave come to nothingyet to meyou and it are everything James Garratt – Monday 1st December 2008

I Do Not Need to Forgive You

i do not need to forgive youjust learn to turn off those feelingstry to discount –their obvious meaningfriendship certainly has an appealit may take some time to locate that switchthat apparently turns off how I feeli am not angry –and if I am it is a trickleit is a sad lament for my feelingsand how life is so very ficklei do not need to forgive youjust repair –what has broken and come aparttime to face a different futureand gather up the pieces of the past James Garratt – Wednesday 3rd December 2008

The Look Upon my Face

i described it as a blowwhich is an understatement that is the kind of thingyou say when the extentand impact of somethingleaves you say words thatare so inadequate andso lack in feeling anddescriptive I described it as a blowavoiding lengthy andpotentially socially awkwarddescriptions, even avoidinghalf baked cliches andromantic idealism, such asit tears me apart,i feel such a loss andi miss them so much I ache.i just said it was a blow, andleft the rest to the look upon my face James Garratt – Wednesday 3rd December 2008

Does Not Matter

does not matterwhat I say or docannot make, someone want youcannot fill a gapwhich just has fresh aircannot hold them tightmake them want you theredoes not matterwhat I say or doi am herewish I was with youbut there is no saleand there is no pitchjust as this feelinghas no off switchdoes not matterwhat I say or dowhat dizzy heights i can climbi can only hope this feeling,becomes eroded by time James Garratt – Wednesday 3rd December 2008

Some People Turn on the Lamp

some people turn on the lampsome I really owe,a great deal of thanksbut some entered my battlefieldin the heaviest of tankssome people pen my wordspaint the abstract paintingand dally with the absurdsome people I regret,they entered my roomsand left leaving such a messthey did nothing for my demonsand trampled on my respectshowing me steel tears,that feel somewhat carelesssome people turn on the lampsome I owe,some stole from my deepest banksome saved my very beingit is those I truly thank James Garratt – Wednesday 3rd December 2008