Bus Journey- Written December 2008 (Aged 33)

Bus Journey

somehow i had this feeling
that somehow,
it would end
and that somehow,
in the end,
i would lose a best friend
somehow i knew this
and somehow,
in order to mend
the garden would have to be left
and somehow,
i would have to learn to comprehend
that somehow,
i had lost a best friend
and that somehow,
i had found a sadness
that does not appear to end
and that somehow,
i’d have to feel my way through the hurt
and somehow,
find me a shoulder
but as i get older,
somehow in some way
it feels like it gets much colder
somehow i had this feeling
that we were just a bus journey
one that would never last too long
that somehow,
you do sing like an angel
yet somehow it would never be my song

James Garratt – December 2008

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