Leave Your Door on the Latch

i suffered as a childbut the suffering forges usacross the anvil of lifestrikes whilst it is hotand sometimes you have to fightjust so you are not forgoti struggled as a childand I found words hit homeso try and take it awayand I will take you alonei suffered as a childbut that’s the make up I wearthe personality mix and matchof love, hope and despairleave your door on the latchand I will be there James Garratt – July 2008

Putting Other Goddesses to One Side

loving you is too muchit has left me,roadside and without a spareit has evaporated my rationalityeven if it has nourished my careloving you is too muchand it is a one way streeta closed road,when I could be using my feeti can’t keep on idolising youputting other goddesses to one sidei have to try,to move on and move forwardsi will never find an answerand that tells me all I need to knowloving you is too muchit has left me,floating without a tieturned on my taps,and let emotions run free from my eyes James Garratt – July 2008

Cradle the Blame

i get so farthen the barriers come downand I am to blameso I nurse the guiltand as I am expected,i cradle the blamecall it my owngive it a familiar namebut you never seen to knowmy own personal painyou share my bedthen you take hold of my feelingsand wreck the contents of my headi kick and I screamand then you find me againand graffiti my dreamsi get so far,then you pull me apart at the seams James Garratt – July 2008

When This Ends in Tears

i will need youwhen this ends in tearsi will need your hugswhen I find those fearsi will need;a cup of teaand the sweetest companywhen this ends in tearswhen my heart;decides to skip a beatand dreams;no longer find their feetwhen love no longer has timeor a suitable clocki will need youwhen this ends in tearsi will need you to reach acrossand pull me near James Garratt – Wednesday 9th July 2008

Looking After Myself

i need to look after myselfno one seems to realisethat I am on a roller coasteryou just see me barely coping,perhaps never realising,that my heart is elopingself belief has had an affair.with insanity,and now neither of them care,that they have changed my realityor that the cupboards can be barei need to look after myselfand for you to be there James Garratt – July 2008