Whatever Happened to Laura? – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)

Whatever Happened to Laura?

whatever happened to her –
to laura?
she used to be everybody’s dream
but now,
i have just seen her, after all this time
she has ruined herself,
she is so thin
whatever happened to laura?
i always used to think of her,
beautiful laura
anorexia really got her
starved herself away
because –
she did not think she was thin enough
but she was a star
she had everything a woman could want
when it came to looks
whatever happened to laura?
she has, ‘recovered’,
but she does not look the same
all drawn and boney thin
her once full face, is now just full of pain
it has been nearly two years since i last her
and although i knew what had happened
i could not help but look at laura
she took it as a compliment
when i said she looked thin
but it wasn’t, she looks so fragile and pale
whatever happened to laura?
she does not as well as she once did
even though she thinks she is well and fit
it made me sad to see her
whatever happened to laura?

James Garratt – February to June 1995

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    1. I have been writing in journals since 1977. I read my old poetry and story. Seems like another person. It cool to read the old stuff. Would be nice to find people from the past. Women are hard to find. Changed name. You are welcome James.

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