In Their Voice

In Their Voiceit is in their voiceit is in their sighit is like a stormacross a peaceful skyit is a … More

A Thousand Broken Teardrops

A Thousand Broken Teardrops know my instabilityI know it wellI know its demons Who know my shiverAnd sanity’s stabilisers?They lie at … More

Discernible Distance

Discernible Distance others;jeep the insidejust as that.inside;they have billboard eyesthat advertisenot who they arebut what they;want the world to seeand … More


Try some peoplegrab your heartyou want to make it rightbe that personthat finally finds their lightcarefully guiding themyou would like … More


Past pastthe past is gas lampsand a sepia tingetall hats reaching for the cloudsand handsome cabspulled by horses looking proud. … More

Falling Away

Falling Away i watch you fall awayi reach outand try to find the words to say.i court the nighthiding from … More

Do We Remember?

Do We Remember? we try to remember falling in lovewe try to remember those daysthat went by in a flashin … More

Thirty Something

Thirty Something this is thirty somethingthe past has been hungit was tried and convictedbefore it had barely begunfreedom’s like a … More


Everyday everyday a few more tears fallwe were young oncethe world was an adventurethe stress and the strainsmake us wary … More