you have found the switchwhich others had notthe laughter,which i had forgotyou have found the jokewhich others had notthe hope,which i had forgotand once foundlike a welcome soundit dances in my mindto the chimes of endless timeyou have found the smilewhich others had notthe smile,which i thought was lost. James Garratt – May 2008

Dragged Myself Away

dragged myself away last nightaway from your warm bedaway from the closeness of youthe cosiness and warmth of youand the fantastic viewsdragged myself back herewith its hanging atmosphereand its unwelcome leerthought of you back therelying alone in bedand i wrestled with all the thoughtsthat vied for attention in my headdragged myself away last night. James Garratt – Thursday 8th May 2008

Life Into Focus

life has come into focuswhat once appeared sharpnow looks blurred what once felt rightnow feels absurd what once looked goodnow looks sadwhat was once given timeappears somehow badlife has come into focusi am moving,from uncertain seato more stable landi feel it inside of meand the clasp of her handtoo much was given outbut now i understand.James Garratt – Thursday May 8th 2008


this sill pretendingswinging on a garden gateas if it is endingauras fade and then dimwe should be mendingnot letting chances become slimif we never talkwe’ll be cooled by the sear airwhen we take romantic walksthis silly denialas we step outsidei know the past can feel like bilethat you can barely hidebut there seems no senseat looking ourselves with lies James Garratt – May 2008


RelationshipsSeem more like a battlegroundWe draw the linesFind our weaponsBe careful of minesOut on the battlefieldWe form an allianceYet the undercurrent is thereYou see it in the defiance  RelationshipsFight for something greaterSo we fight long and hardIn the hope that we are not losingWe mount one last glorious chargeBut it just becomes confusingWhen they have such a costThe tally of victims is highBut nothing compares to the innocence lost James Garratt – Tuesday 13th May 2008

I Realised it Was You

i realised it was youand that crushed mebeneath the weightof all we havei realised it was youand in a way, i cursebecause i knowwe will not be chapter and versei should have pulled you nearand just kissed youtill the kiss felt rightand to all this tensionwe could have said, good nighti realised it was you. Wednesday 14th May 2008

Falling in Love Sounds Fun

falling in love sounds funrussian roulette with a fully loaded gunthe stupidity of adulthoodfound out whilst still only younga tuneless piece of musicso beautifully sunga dirty dishcloth not yet fully wrungfalling in love sounds funno best friendsjust a favoured chumhappiness overlookedupon a face so glumfathers daywith thoughts only of mum James Garratt – May 2008