The Eyes Scream Please – Written Tuesday 16th May 2008 (Aged 33)

The Eyes Scream Please

i see you reaching out to me
and i wonder what i can do
i know you just need me to be around
i know that life has suddenly changed
and i know you are hearing different sounds
it seems pointless for me to say
that i also feel scared
when i know you feel scared yourself
you care climbing mountains
whilst i am reaching for a shelf
i see you reach out to me
there are times when we all need somebody else
the stresses and the strains
that life places upon us
the chains of growing up
to which families often hold the key
i have watch you destroy yourself
your body ravaged by a disease
and yesterday evening as we sat down
and your tired eyes screamed please
and the hands shuffled
the power of want and need
i see you reaching out to me

James Garratt – Tuesday 14th May 2008

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