Engulfed – Written Thursday 14th September 2017 (Aged 42)


you have to understand,
every like,
every moment,
every decision,
it has been highlighted
and made me struggle to cope
that is what it feels like
when you under the microscope

i am the person,
they took apart,
and left me to put back together
no intrusions,
no diagram,
just a sense of loss
and a feeling, others might just understand
can i just be me?
just be who i am?

they scrutinised me
just to justify their mistakes
just to plane the edges of their hate
fitting in or not fitting in
for me, no choice given
i did not have the class,
i did not have the education,
i did not have the support,
i did not have the tools,
i do not want to spend a life
under the guise of other peoples rules
if it means i am always engulfed

James Garratt – Thursday 14th September 2017

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