Mid Life Crisis – Written Thursday 28th April 2022 (Aged 47)

Mid Life Crisis

mid life crisis
is just reflection upon choice
and deep down vices
it is the point of looking back
and wondering about choice
looking forward
and wondering if your future has a voice
mid life crisis
is the irrational pangs of regret
times spent inside your head
hurriedly retracing your steps
think back,
did i really achieve my best
is my partner,
up to the rest,
is there a route i could have taken
it’s panic buying
where sense is forsaken
mid life crisis
it’s just reflection upon choice
and deep down vices
moments when you consider the cost
and previous prices
it’s a fools paradise
welcoming you in
telling you the sadness of life
and wondering what might have been
it’s a painter sculptor
artificially modifying your dreams
or a talented musician
putting a backbeat to your screams
mid life crisis
it is just a way we feel
but it is a sham and it is never real
just reflection like vices,
too much time spent on choices
that is a mid life crisis

James Garratt – Thursday 28th April 2022

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