Has Anyone?

Has Anyone? You write about mewith a piece –optimistically under the banner of poetry.Your strangled communication skillssuffocated in the wheeze of … More

Only You

Only You hypocrisy never strikes youit remains some distant awaystupidity never taps you on the shoulderand points out the stupidity … More

In Between Falls

you took me round the wheelyou took me to your moonsand showed me how it feelsyou claimed my expensesand then … More


i knowyou claimed independence and all these yearshave been spent reclaiming dependenceand I see youstanding on the outsidesomehow not fitting inseeking … More

My Beautiful Imperfections

my imperfectionshave become my own crown jewelsmy fatal flawshave become the handlesto so many mind doorsand my funny waysare the … More


you tried to pick my locksi held onto the keyi tried to shut up meyou know I wanted privacyyou tried … More

A Pitch to Play On

when they look at meit is therewritten in sky wordsin those eyeswhich long to shineand I wrestle it in my … More

You and the Stars

when they made youthey stamped ‘I can’t’on your mindless brainthey gave you slag and not coalto stoke up your trainand … More