In Between Falls

you took me round the wheelyou took me to your moonsand showed me how it feelsyou claimed my expensesand then I paid the billyou took me to the beachyou took me to the causeand then you started to teachshowing me how to move forwards;to those things out of reachyou took me to your hotelyou took me to your roomsand showed me how to be wellyou undid chains on my fencesand knocked down my wallsyou breached my defencesand caught me… in between falls. Friday 7th December 2007


i knowyou claimed independence and all these yearshave been spent reclaiming dependenceand I see youstanding on the outsidesomehow not fitting inseeking acceptanceand a place to beginit makes me sadthen again I never got the green lightand I have chased that checkered flagi knowyou cannot change the grainand every ring tells a storyyou are not to blameyou are a unique form of glorybut sometimeswhat you say really hurtsit has a sting in the tailit feels like a winter rodeo held on the things in which I fail. Sunday 9th December 2007

My Beautiful Imperfections

my imperfectionshave become my own crown jewelsmy fatal flawshave become the handlesto so many mind doorsand my funny waysare the pebbles on my shorei try to changeand I try to be betterbut I caught fate hiding in my roomthey had left me a letteri cannot reveal what it saidbut when I decoded it, It appeared to indicate;that you are a long time deadmy imperfections no longer tie me to life’s bedi just shrug my shouldersand I shake my headmy fatal flawsare no longer even the punch linethey are the comedic pause. Sunday 9th December 2007


you tried to pick my locksi held onto the keyi tried to shut up meyou know I wanted privacyyou tried to pick my locksbe my hope and glorythe one true missing sockand when you smiledand when you held meyou tried to pick my locksyou tried to set me freeIt was hard to say, stoppain can be like the chainsand the violent waves of the seajust as false Gods shineand demand that you believeyou tried to pick my locksi almost gave you the key Sunday 9th December 2007

Hanging on for Dear Life

who am I?i am the car crashthat no one would stop and stare ati am that mani saw wearing a trilby hathe hung on for dear lifewas he too lateto meet his wife who am I?i am the soap operano one would ever watchi am the clockthat every now and thencomes to an unnatural stop i am that mani saw wearing a trilby hati saw him on the Undergroundhanging on for dear liei know how he feelsand God it is so hardand is any of this truly real? Sunday 9th December 2007

A Pitch to Play On

when they look at meit is therewritten in sky wordsin those eyeswhich long to shineand I wrestle it in my mindlooking at othersas they slide and fit ini long for my coversand the slow, slow ginwhen they look at mei see every sky written wordi see exactly what they meani know there is mess in my lifeand they offer a cleanera pitch to play onwhere supposedly the grass is greenerbut I know it is not realthese relationshipsthey all come to healbut when they look at mei know how they really feel Sunday 9th December 2007

You and the Stars

when they made youthey stamped ‘I can’t’on your mindless brainthey gave you slag and not coalto stoke up your trainand they taught youthat there’s always someone else to blamewhen they made youthey obviously taught youthat there is distance;between you and the starsthat was the wrong thing to teachthey should have taught youthat those stars can be in reach. Sunday 9th December 2007