Oxygen Thieves

some peoplealways have to better then othersevery remark utteredfrom their gobjust tells youthat this person is a snobclinging onto life’s ladderwith just a finger and a thumbdesperate to be betterbut in reality, quite dumbsome peopleSee others misfortuneas a chance to promote themselvesthe truth is, those peoplereally want to be somebody elsethey remain riddled with insecurityand they lack self beliefthat is the realityabsolute oxygen thieves James Garratt – June 2008


people forgetthat there is a differencebetween living and existingexistence is livingwith the shutters pulled downliving is opening then upand letting the light flood insome peopledo not know what it is liketo actually liveto feel so aliveand to go beyond, I existthere is a differencebetween living and existingbetween numbnessand ultimate feeling James Garratt – Monday 2nd June 2008


your softnessis what attracts meyour ego and pridei cannot abideand it pulls the plugon a bath of a thousand dreamsit is where the party frockcomes apart at the seamsyour softnesstouches me in so many waysyour ego and pridei cannot feel insidethe way you easily confessto being the bestit is where the room of dreamssuddenly starts to look a messit is where freedom and expressionsuddenly become under arrest. James Garratt – Monday 2nd June 2008

Fed Up

i am fed upnot downjust tiredand I need to step offthis fairground ridei am tiredand my eyelidshave gained weightthe kind I could –have never imaginedi am fed upanother billanother call centreanother tallymoney in, money outi am fed up James Garratt – June 2008

Come Over

i wish she would come overbut now I am too tired to carei remember the things we didthe clothes that we used to wearand now I am reducedto using four letter wordslike love and verseand she ticks every boxi wish she would come overand we could talk till the night draws inbut here I am tonightstuck here, just me and my penand though she knowsexactly how I feelto her they must just be wordshow do I make them real?i tingle every time she touches mei shudder every time she hugs meand then, when I have drunk too muchand I talk about hera tear starts to fall from my eyeshe has all the planning permissionfor my dreams deep inside James Garratt – June 2008

Goodbye to Jenny

she said goodbye to Jennyshe said hello to emptyi peeled back the curtainsto find so manywhat the dreamer sawcosts more than a pennyshe said goodbye to Jennyshe said hello to emptythere are stars in our hallwayand the world has carried oni know she is not hereand that Jenny has gonei peeled back the canand the drink tasted goodi knew you would make itout there to a bright new worldaway from those that hateshe said goodbye to Jennywe said hello to empty James Garratt – June 2008


take me homelay me downit’s not the sex I needbut the holdingand the belief as welltake me homelay me downstroke my hairi need to believe againbelieve I can sharetrust is left reelingjust sometimesit’s not the sex I needjust hold meand tell me that you believelovers come and gotrue friends set you freeand as you lay me downbelieve me, it’s that I need James Garratt – June 2008

It Goes On

i go onthere is no time to stop and thinkthe destruction –of your old life is all too swiftbut as the new one swells upthere are opportunities not to be missedyou have to go onwhat other option is there?life does not wait aroundpeople ask how you do itwell, what else is there to do?i know that the roadcontinues to stretch on and onwith many twists and turnsand I know if I stop and thinkit might just become all too muchi go on James Garratt – June 2008