We Will Change it Next Year

so many thingsthat we should dothat we should changei dwell on these problemsand I dwell on fearwe will change it next yearwhen flowers have bloomedand we experiencea spiritual monsoonso many thingsa picture gallery of tearswe will change it next yearwhen I am no longer thereand when you are herewe will change it next yearwhen I have lost the fogand found the clearwe will change it next year James Garratt – Wednesday 30th December 2001

Early Morning

i woke upat five o clock in the morningsome kind of sleepwas still callinggiants in my dreamswere still walkingi woke uplistened to the wind outsidethe beads on the doorand the treesthat shake and shiveras others freezei woke upand took in the still airthat early morning calmwhen it feels like somebody is therewhen imagination runs riotamongst the creaks and the groansand the deathly quiet James Garratt – Saturday 8th December 2001