Humble Pie – Written Wednesday 11th July 2001 (Aged 26)

Humble Pie

you throw your hands up in the air
throw the dice,
and then,
try to sit back down on the chair
you try to step into the road
when the lights turn to red
but something wants you to go
there is something under your bed
you make humble pie,
and serve it with white wine
one that is chilled and slightly dry
you serve up your sarcasm
and throw your hands up in the air
you’re just trying to scream
as you hold onto the bannister
and try to hide behind the screen
you try to hitch a lift
but the handbrake is on
and it is clear the computer has a glitch
you make humble pie,
because it is best for others
and i am sure it is, deep down inside

James Garratt – Wednesday 11th July 2001

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