It’s Harder to Embrace New Adventures – Written February 2022 (Aged 46)

It’s Harder to Embrace New Adventures

felt close at the weekend
as human beings,
does not mean
we do not annoy each other
but love,
it can remind you
why you are together
and love is your journey
it is the way home
it is the arms that catch you
and it is the route to taking part
especially when skies fall apart
i don’t know,
what we are going to do
i can see the reasons
but age has crept up on me
and forced me into submission
it has given contentment and laziness
a range of permissions
leaps of faith
have gone into remission
and i know things will be fine
no matter what we do
in that i have faith
it’s just,
i am not as young as i once was
and its much harder,
to embrace new found adventures
and put in place building blocks

James Garratt – February 2022

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