Full of Stars

i see a beautiful womanso full of starsa smile,that always takes chargei see a talented womanwhose very life is a songa smile,and then I am gonea body,for which I still longi see a beautiful womanwearing a little doubta smile,for which I would toutsuch a beautiful womanof that, I have no doubt. James Garratt – Tuesday 8th April 2008


i have let someone gowell, in truth, they let me gohow much I really feelnow, they, will never knowto explain; would be,an impossible feati think my wordsjust make them feel cheapi have let someone gowell, in truth, they let me gosomeone, whom for me,was such a big partsomeone who had the tinder boxand who relit the sparkit is not as close as it wasand I guess it never cani wonder if she will ever realise,and truly understand James Garratt – Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Fuel Supply

relationshipscome with a certain amount of fuelsometimes it’s enough –to blast you into spacesometimes it never leaves the groundsometimes it is an endless orbitand you just go round and round relationshipssometimes have so much fuelthat they never run outeven if we only got halfwaythat is still farsome would we have failedi say that we still saw the stars relationshipsso many stay after the fuel has run outlong after the rocket was separatedand there are so many cracks to mendwe came back down still intact –and still able to be friendsand we both know that in this worldthere is far too much pretend James Garratt – Thursday 12th April 2008