perhaps we were guilty… perhaps we tried too hard… perhaps our rocket reached its height then it had to part who knows the reasons why? we could debate it for hours wondering when the love went away when did our future become a fatality? but we could, we could celebrate it maybe even have a party talk about all the good times the feelings we felt the places we saw and the dreams we dreamt the way we laughed the way that we found a way to grow perhaps… perhaps others will be judge and jury but then what do strangers know? James Garratt – Tuesday 7th October 2008

Friend and Lover

i will suffer this life indecision i will be romanced by anxiety and I will be courted by change all this will be worthwhile to hear you utter my name i will live every moment and call each one ‘dear’ i will hunt down my loss i will put out the fire of fear i know it will be all worthwhile when I hold you near i will live these strange days where nothing is at it seems where the egg timer tumbles and it’s neither one way or another it does not matter, you are my friend and also my lover and I know deep inside, truly there is no another. James Garratt – Monday 6th October 2008


i find the shape of your feelings the texture of your emotions i find them in dreams in between my fits and starts then I write a dozen romantic novels and every one starts with my heart.  and you, you will occupy my landscape you can be a new town, in a pleasant valley or lush green field because I find the shape of your harvest and the emotion you yield.  in my mind, my fertile mind that is sometimes feral that sometimes displays the madness, of life’s many strands where daisy chains do not have daisies and instead just hold hands.  i find the contours of your hold just as I did all those years ago when we gritted our adult teeth and ploughed through the dense snow i hold on, i hold on and I remain determined not to let go James Garratt – Thursday 16th October 2008

The Wheels do not Go Round and Round

so we watch the global markets finally choke on their greed and we watch as the world slips further, into the mire. the wheels fall off capitalism who can change the tyres? imperialism, and more countries fooled by their own self produced myths countries talking about possible targets and compiling global domination lists so I watch and drink my wine all the while I am dreaming of better days, as protest songs play in my mind because freedom seems so far away just like you i watched the world sink a bit further today. Friday 10th October 2008