Falling in Love – Written Monday 26th July 2010 (Aged 35)

Falling in Love

i have fallen in love
i have felt sparks and –
i have felt excitement
i have fallen in love
but those loves
fell away
and love affairs
came to stay
and those people
occupied open spaces
and certain places
but like a picture
composed of many faces
very few seem to –
have been the love
that dripped from my frame
with the few
who have come along
and never went away
there is no need for names
all i know
is that it is a shame
but life does move on

James Garratt – Monday 26th July 2010

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    1. Thank you – that is very kind 🙂 It’s about meaningful relationships rather than just, ‘love affairs’ and it is about being at a point in life where you have these type of relationships and you want more. Comments always much appreciated – hope you are well and safe:)


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