Tiny New Arrival

i saw their baby last night, just a week old, a life just waiting, to unfold. i thought about me, rambling along in life, hanging onto … More

Let Me Grab You a Streetcar

did you know that I love you? not in a feckless reckless kind of way. but in a complete, it feels neat everyday, kind of … More


dependency on another it has struck me and I realise – that is I should lose this person it will be more than difficult so … More

Letting Rosie Mae Down

this is the story of Rosie Mae the story of a child that society gave away that parenting abandoned – and responsibility allowed to … More

Treading Water

in a year i have turned my life on its head those established things – i have left them for dead how many relationships … More

She Showed me Her Poem

she showed me her poem it was a need – to express emotions. like we need to breathe. of course I understand – its message … More