Tiny New Arrival

i saw their baby last night, just a week old, a life just waiting, to unfold. i thought about me, rambling along in life, hanging onto the future, and losing a wife. i thought about us, and where we could be, that tiny new arrival, certainly provided sobriety. i saw their baby last night, i thought about family life, i thought about relationships, what is wrong and what is right. i held your hand, and wondered inside, the beauty of a new life. because for our hope, it is the survival. and for our dreams, it is the light. James Garratt – Thursday 18th September 2008

Let Me Grab You a Streetcar

did you know that I love you? not in a feckless reckless kind of way. but in a complete, it feels neat everyday, kind of way.  did you know you consume me? and emotions, almost overwhelm me.  did you know that I love you? not in an immature way, I am not sure kind of way, but in a, it feels amazing, never fading, every single day, kind of way.  in everything I feel and say i am in love with you and my colours are bright and true and nailed firmly to my mast i am not boasting, nor am I coasting let me grab you a streetcar before it runs past without noting James Garratt – Saturday 27th September 2008


dependency on another it has struck me and I realise – that is I should lose this person it will be more than difficult so I try to stand up and find my own two feet but when she has her arms around me and her legs tightly wrapped dependency beckons – there is no going back the battle – is only ever between – those clashing areas of our being insecurity is the lord – we its humble slaves to feel so warm and so secure – i guess there is much we would trade dependency on another when they dissolve the headache – Clear away those lingering shadows it is hard not to give in – turn a page – this is where a new chapter begins James Garratt – Friday 26th September 2008

Letting Rosie Mae Down

this is the story of Rosie Mae the story of a child that society gave away that parenting abandoned – and responsibility allowed to stray the story of a girl for whom no one could decide – on how she should behave because nowadays – children cannot be noisy or even quiet they just give them a condition and dope them up never once maybe looking at their diets this is the story of Rosie Mae a modern child – who by tragic accident speaks of a generation a world where values – have taken a permanent migration this is the story of Rosie Mae in fact the story of so many children – trying to grow up today why don’t we take a good look around it has nothing to do with class – we have let all the Rosie Mae’s down James Garratt – Friday 26th September 2008

Treading Water

in a year i have turned my life on its head those established things – i have left them for dead how many relationships – are simply treading water? how many people actually have the courage – to stand up and ask questions? i am far from being a hero but let’s be honest – none of us are warmed by a big fat zero i opted out of treading water – i decided to chance my luck on open seas and I admit, it scares me half to death – having to face me But I feel alive – and my opinions now run free so many people claim – that their relationship is great so tell me, why do -all these people – with this self confessed perfection – look so damn bored and ride bicycles with buckled wheels and a lack of direction? James Garratt – Friday 26th September 2008

She Showed me Her Poem

she showed me her poem it was a need – to express emotions. like we need to breathe. of course I understand – its message was loud and clear – strangely though it made me want her more – and to pull her near. she showed me her poem which was not a plea – but nonetheless the emotion was evident – and it was relevant to me. expectations are hard to contain – and too easy to let loose – but in the end, when you hang – it is them that become the noose. she showed me her poem a way to express – in a way that speaks volumes – and with a gentle caress James Garratt – Wednesday 17th September 2008