Did You Know – Written September 2008 (Aged 33)

Did You Know

did you know i love you
not in a feckless, reckless immature way
but in a complete, it feels neat –
everyday kind of way
did you know you consume me
and emotions –
almost overwhelm me
did you know i love you
not in a immature, i am not sure kind of way
but in a, it feels amazing, never fading –
kind of way
everyday, in everything i feel and i say
i am in love with you
and my colours are firmly nailed to the mast
i am not boasting or even coasting –
but let me grab this streetcar –
before it runs past without ever knowing
did you know i love you
in an always showing, here we are growing –
kind of way

James Garratt – September 2008

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