Just Thinking Written Approx. Late 1993 or January 1994 (Aged 18)

Just Thinking

leave me be
and i will live to see another day
give me a little space
give me something…
get off my case
you really got me that time before
but you are cool and you are okay
so make my worldly dreams today
i see you, shuffling down the street
there are so many people around you
a messiah kissing your feet
and to think, i used to be special
you hang onto telephones
you dance at the sexiest clubs
and then, then you pick over the bones
devouring what you can
when you first knew me, i was a boy
but i had to act like a man
but i am alright
i have got people who need me
and i have got a new dream
and all those people know,
i cannot survive without them

James Garratt – 1993/1994

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