Soulmates – Written Sunday 14th May 2006 (Aged 31)


are we soulmates?
well they found me –
on a bench at sixteen
and nothing –
was the same ever again

are we soulmates?
well we dabbled too much
we bickered and we argued
we grew up together
and we seem to be linked
certainly he is part of me

are we soulmates?
without a shadow of a doubt
last night,
when we had all drank too much
he looked at me –
with the hurt tattooed on my face
and said, it was not true
that he had a friend
with the condition –
which had unfairly been imposed on me
i saw his anger
and i saw determination
i felt the warmth
that nudge and wink of fate
of course, we are soulmates

James Garratt – Sunday 14th May 2006

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