Daily Conversation (The Office) – Written Sunday 23rd May 1999 (Aged 24)

Daily Conversation (The Office)

daily conversation
sitting there,
counting the dull minutes
on a dull,
digital screen
it is the digital age
but can you hear my human scream?

daily conversation
i just wish it would all go quiet
i listen to boring dull boyfriends
and yet another diet
i listen to new flats
and all about the mortgage
on a new two bed house
for when that baby comes along
i just wish it would be as quiet as a mouse

i listen to thursday nights out
clothes bought for £5.99
clothes that never seem to cover much
well, they do their best
i listen to the bitching and the slagging
it all comes across as such a mess
and it leaves me,
just itching to get out

daily conversation
i just want to curl up and disappear
please take me away from here

James Garratt – Sunday 23rd May 1999

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