Exposed Wires – Written Tuesday 30th June 2020 (Aged 45)

Exposed Wires

those wires are exposed
prone to fire
they may short circuit
with flames that climb higher

that true life crashed
and in some respects
that is a deadly relief
they had run out of road
long after they had run out of belief

you cannot keep stopping
and then stalling
you cannot freefall
be forever falling
you cannot be just bones
you have found exposed wires
and they make you feel all alone

goodbye to love
which smudges just one eye
the other,
looks permanently to the sky
the exposed wires
they catch you inside

James Garratt – Tuesday 30th June 2020

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  1. ”That is a deadly relief 
they had run out of road 
long after they had run out of belief…”

    These beautiful verses resonate with my soul, James!

    May I ask, do you post pictures of your final drafts? The reason I’m wondering – my first drafts usually have a ton of corrections in them, and yours are written so seamlessly and smoothly. I wish I were such a neat writer. πŸ‘

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    1. Hi Veronica – thank you for your views and comment πŸ™‚ Initially I write everything in my writing pad, which is the picture you see here. Then i type them up and add to here. I don’t make many corrections but I write fairly quickly or at least I don’t dwell on them πŸ™‚ This is an archive project in effect – so i am poetry from the last 28 years as well as new stuff πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you for the kind reply! This is fascinating, James – I would’ve never been brave enough to share my drafts – they are so unspeakably messy!πŸ˜…

        Your poetry has deeply touched me, and I look forward to reading the rest of your excellent archive project. ✨

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      2. It’s the intimacy of the first draft and it’s like sripping back the layers – of course they looked great typed up, formatted and corrected but i love the early ‘scribble’ – it’s really personal because poetry / writing is personal, it’s just you and that space in your mind. And – the older pieces seem other ‘worldly’ because they were written by versions of me who almost seem alien and who looked at the world with different eyes. And it’s kind of ‘cool’ to have those first drafts, mistakes and all πŸ™‚

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      3. Yes, precisely, James! That’s why I’m fascinated by your project!
        It is similar to opening up one’s heart, sharing all the anguish and joy with others. An utterly intimate, genuine gesture. To be honest, this made me re-think the format I give to my own poetry – I tend to use fancy fonts and works of art instead of merely letting my words be themselves.

        Your creative perspective enchants me, and I’m glad to have found your blog!☺️

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      4. That’s very ind Veronica, really, i am very touched. I am not a technically gifted writer, I just have my writing pad, I write down my thoughts and feelings and that is it. That’s the value for me, I do have moments of trying to do ‘proper poetry’ but ultimately, I would rather have something authentic. I think where lots of people fall down with poetry is not with their writing ability but their ability to have an identity. I think you write for yourself first and foremost because that what matters, if others connect with it, that is amazing. I will ready some of your work πŸ™‚

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      5. Well, first and foremost, I’ll try to spend less time editing the poetry I already wrote, and spend more time trying to find my own voice, if that makes sense!☺️

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