Count the Gifts

always friendshipno poemno verseno wordspulled from the insidecan really describejust how special she iscount the many giftsalways friendshiptears and heartachebut … More

Face the Cold

we turn and face the coldtears have run drymountains seem so highwe gave it our bestand we leave idle chatterto … More

Thirty Years Too Late?

it was a conversationthat has arrived;some thirty years too latebetter late than never?it was a conversationthat made me thinkpulled me … More


you are still beautifulwhy did I let it goyou are still a sparkyou are still infectiousyou’re the kindlingto a dormant … More

Street Lights

turn the street lights back ongive this road some routegive this vehicle some destinationtell it how to steerkeep it close … More

Little Miss Memory

little miss memoryi have read your bookbut I never got to the endthe last chapter I recallis where we ended … More

Start Again

i felt every ounce of changeevery moment, every starevery single galaxyi wonder if I will go farthis mad, mad realityfriends … More

Without An Umbrella

i never stopped loving youAnd you never knewBecause I never said itWhen we were togetherBut since we have been aparti … More

As You Are…

i can’t tell you –how I feel right nowit goes so deepit pulls the reignson my feelings as I sleepand … More