Count the Gifts

always friendshipno poemno verseno wordspulled from the insidecan really describejust how special she iscount the many giftsalways friendshiptears and heartachebut we know it is time to breaknever easynever perfectbut everything changesand the cycles movehow do I thank yousuch a bright dazzling starwill always be a part of my hearteven when we finally partalways friendship James Garratt – February 2008

Face the Cold

we turn and face the coldtears have run drymountains seem so highwe gave it our bestand we leave idle chatterto the restwe turn and move awayi know it’s uncertainas the moon shines onand as we draw the curtainsit is time for us to movepreserve the memoriescelebrate our growthfor all we keep and all we havelet’s raise a toast James Garratt – February 2008

Some Feelings Never Change

do I believe? i could have held on foreverdo I believe?it’s such a long timesince I took up your residenceand you occupied my mind do I believe? i could have held on foreverleaving me tongue tiedhard to explainit goes deep insidesome feelings never change do I believe? i wanted to tell youbut the words were lostthe dreams I have hadthe moments I have thought do I believe? James Garratt – Sunday 3rd February 2008

Thirty Years Too Late?

it was a conversationthat has arrived;some thirty years too latebetter late than never?it was a conversationthat made me thinkpulled me to a different placei should have been toldas a child –maybe then my self belief would not have ran wildit was a conversationthat had arrived –in the midst of desolationsome thirty years –after I needed its consolation James Garratt – February 2008


you are still beautifulwhy did I let it goyou are still a sparkyou are still infectiousyou’re the kindlingto a dormant fireyou’re a churchfor a dreamier spireyou are still beautifulwhy did I let it goright now;they talk of bad weatheryet somehow;i have to hold it togetherthe future remains uncertainit never says neveryou are still beautiful James Garratt – February 2008

Little Miss Memory

little miss memoryi have read your bookbut I never got to the endthe last chapter I recallis where we ended up as friendsbut I am sure – there were more pages to golittle miss memorycould you just show -the other chapterthat I never got to knowi have read your bookand I have took parti gave a performance written from my heartnow is there anymore left -what’s it all mean to mewill I reach the end of your booklittle miss memory James Garratt – February 2008

Start Again

i felt every ounce of changeevery moment, every starevery single galaxyi wonder if I will go farthis mad, mad realityfriends feel like the treasurethat some spend –a lifetime searching forno need for ‘x’ marks the spotor a dive to the sea floorthey will guide meas I head for the futurei felt every ounce of changescared and excitedlike I have found a new namea new galaxy, a new staran interstellar campaignit’s time to live for the momentit’s time to start again James Garratt – February 2008

Without An Umbrella

i never stopped loving youAnd you never knewBecause I never said itWhen we were togetherBut since we have been aparti have felt it in every space;in every place of my hearti never stopped loving youand though the years –have now been manymany times I have took the tripto where memories are plentyi never told youwhen we were togetheri took you for grantedleft in the rain without an umbrellai never stopped loving you James Garratt – February 2008

As You Are…

i can’t tell you –how I feel right nowit goes so deepit pulls the reignson my feelings as I sleepand you are right thereas you are –as you have always beenin a way telling mewhat I should have done that age agoi can’t tell you –how I feel right nowat the momentlife is a set of windowsthrough whichi excitedly peepall I can tell you –is that it goes deep James Garratt – February 2008