A Stopping Place

people move in and outyour life,just a stopping placethey hold your egothen they stroke your faceand the love,they did once proclaimturns to one sideand it cries out in painonce you break a spellit can never be the samepeople move in and outyour life,some kind of novelty trainwith circus actsthat jostle for personal fameyou’re on a spinning wheelas they throw knives of blameand the love,they did once proclaim leaves dizzy and confusedwondering why it ever came James Garratt – Sunday 3rd August 2008

Crossword Puzzle

complete the crossword puzzlework out the cluesliving a lifewalking in someone else’s shoesthree up and five downwanted so muchbut we left it all in townsix across and eight uptook to dreamingand then it took too muchcomplete the crossword puzzleassemble the cluesmake sure your light bulb worksand the enjoy the viewssome people choose ignoranceas if it is good,not to be too brightas for cleverness, well they could,if the world did not give them such a frightcomplete the crossword puzzlework out the clues,it’s a lifetime of six up and seven downfor me and you James Garratt – Sunday 3rd August 2008

Always Play Your Heart

i should have played my cardsinstead i played my hearthigher or lower?i was happy to just take parteven when i gained a pastfrom the back of an apple carti should have completed the setbut the queue and then the crowdsalways made me feel the besthigher or lower?who knows what all this meansi was happy to fill the pipe,and inhale exhaustive dreamsi could have settled downran a delicate business,from the right side of townjoined a band for the tone deathand reveled in its unique soundhigher or lower?happily i was always easily foundeven when wrestling with depressioneven when i got really downi always played my hearteven when i felt chained and bound James Garratt – Sunday 3rd August 2008

For Keeps

i am only smilingfor friendsand for youi saw the way they looked at meno I know it could never be truei am only jokingfor friendsand for youi know what lives inside their eyesthe sadness that resides insidei am only caringfor friendsand for youothers come and then they goi know, I always knowi am holdingmy friendsand especially you James Garratt – Saturday 2nd August 2008

It’s Just Fashion

it’s just fashionhot pants are inthen they are outfrocks are inthen they are outit’s just fashionit’s just the rain lashing –against your window panewhat goes around –will come aroundone moment you are outdatedthen you are the latest soundit’s just fashionflares are inthen they are outmini skirts are inthen they are outit’s just fashionno one can say what it is aboutyou scream –but they want twist and shoutit’s just fashion –it’s just the rainlashing against your window pane James Garratt – Saturday 9th August 2008

Self Awareness Departed Some Time Ago

self awareness departed some time agoafter a period,where, rationale, sense,and even self awareness,rubbed along just fine,eventually life became careless,and the three could no longer combine. so,after a period,in which a number of graves were dugself awareness died from unspecified causeswhere upon, it was placed,in one of graves,freshly dug,the grave must have had some depth,for no one even heard the thud. arrogance moved in,promising,that is alone could control self doubt,who itself had already murdered,rationale and sense,although it claimed it had an alibi,it’s alibi was in fact shakyand on examination, it looked twisted and bent,self awareness departed some time ago James Garratt – Monday 11th August 2008

Worth Your Weight in Glitter

you are worth your weight in glitteryour smile,i would weigh in soulbut the most priceless thing of all,is your care,and your hold. when you lay across me,with that special dress,i live all my boldest fantasies,guided by your sweet caress. you are worth your weight in glitteryour smile,leaves me with no control,i am truly blessed,by your affection,and your hold,when you hold mehands upon my facei live all my boldest fantasiesi know that we are in such a special place James Garratt – Monday 11th August 2008

Just Like your Father…

you are just like your father they say,they do not know, how wrong they could be.i am not my father, I am someone quite different,if you knew, you would realise I am me,it’s a mistake that people sometimes make,for reason associated with guilt or blame,they seek to make us from the same mold,but in they knew, they would see i am not the same.you are just like your father they say,i know, we look so similar,and I know that makes people stop and think,there must be something familiar.but we are not the same people,our candles burn with a different lighting,and a different colour to its glow,too often it has come down to fighting,in order to be free from his dark shadow.you are just like your father they say,they do not know, I am someone quite different,that idea does not seem to grow too fast,i wish i could ladle out the ointment people need,but I cannot be held responsible for his

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What Kind of Person?

written off,put down,told I was unloved,told that life,had really passed me by,as if no one cared,and no one tried. all this,because they did not get,what they wanted,or what they expected. all this,because they felt rejected. the lies,the anger,the childhood rage,self confidence left to rot,personal hope left unmade. all this,because they did not get,what they wanted,or what they expected. all this,because they felt rejected. accusations,about my relationships,friends, family,even about my job,and place of work,what kind of person,causes this kind of hurt? James Garratt – Wednesday 20th August 2008


An army marching on me.Determined,to take my identity. Battalions:Determined,to take my sanity. Bowman:Attempting to take out,my reality. Relentless. That is what they were,that absolute suffocation,where you can do nothing right,and you become damned in every situation. Relentless. My identity a castle, a fortress,that I defended to the hilt,but the lumbering army entrenched in the past,marched on drenched in childhood guilt. No awareness,just a target,on which to advance,Who I was, who I am, killed immediately,it never stood a chance James Garratt – August 2008