A Stopping Place

people move in and outyour life,just a stopping placethey hold your egothen they stroke your faceand the love,they did once … More

Crossword Puzzle

complete the crossword puzzlework out the cluesliving a lifewalking in someone else’s shoesthree up and five downwanted so muchbut we … More

Always Play Your Heart

i should have played my cardsinstead i played my hearthigher or lower?i was happy to just take parteven when i … More

For Keeps

i am only smilingfor friendsand for youi saw the way they looked at meno I know it could never be … More

It’s Just Fashion

it’s just fashionhot pants are inthen they are outfrocks are inthen they are outit’s just fashionit’s just the rain lashing … More

Self Awareness Departed Some Time Ago

self awareness departed some time agoafter a period,where, rationale, sense,and even self awareness,rubbed along just fine,eventually life became careless,and the … More

What Kind of Person?

written off,put down,told I was unloved,told that life,had really passed me by,as if no one cared,and no one tried. all … More


An army marching on me.Determined,to take my identity. Battalions:Determined,to take my sanity. Bowman:Attempting to take out,my reality. Relentless. That is … More