The Catholics – Written Tuesday 26th August 2008 (Aged 33)

The Catholics

the catholic’s knocked on my door
they put a foot in,
and they told me,
i would go to hell for sure
i was told,
that god really does feel
i said that religion if not god
appears responsible for the worlds ills
after all, the bible,
is just religion’s sales brochure

the catholic’s knocked on my door
in way,
they were offering me a future
but i know faith is personal
and i do not need to be told –
how to act or how to behave
and i do not mind –
if you are catholic, muslim or jew
really, i just think back to that film
where john cleese held aloft the shoe

the catholic man,
standing at my door,
he held my hand
it was clammy and wet –
and his eyes, the devil did a dance
as if he had a safer bet
i carefully pushed his foot out of my door
knowing that if his god was true
they would have helped me for sure

James Garratt – Tuesday 26th August 2008

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