Separate Religion from Reason – Written Monday 6th May 2002 (Aged 27)

Separate Religion from Reason

if you are searching for god
then separate religion from reason
and then, you will find a true season
if you are searching for god
you will find that there is freewill
i will not be told what is there
or how it is i should feel
perhaps god is happy to –
take the credit for the good
but not the bad,
well that leaves me sad
and it is just too bad
if you are searching for god
it is just an inner truth
something that you find on the inside

James Garratt – Monday 6th May 2002

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      1. One thing I like about reading your poetry is that often it’s from so long ago and I like seeing how minds worked in someones life long ago. Even of someones that I don’t really know. Perspectives. I like witnessing perspectives and where and when they evolve. Etc. so much more but to much for small comment sections ha.
        Anyhow, basically I’m saying I’m glad you didn’t do a massive edit. ❤️

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      2. Thank you – that is a lovely comment 🙂 It can be hard reading your younger self – attitudes, views, it can be embarrassing and difficult. I sort of tidy up bits as I write them up but I try not to rewrite pieces. You have to preserve things as is, not matter how much they make you feel. It’s funny, know you don’t really know me, but I’ve bared all my thoughts for everyone to read. Thank you, really appreciate your comments

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