A New Beginning (A New Day) – Written Monday 15th March 1993 (Aged 18)

A New Beginning (A New Day)

a new beginning, a new day
as the sun rises,
unfazed and shining so bright
people talk away,
as it sets the world alight
the magician in his castle waves his wand
peoples nature becomes like frost
now they stare,
knowing there all there is to know
like a child on its own,
the world is lost
the people in heaven must be looking down
as they watch the future come and go
who would have thought –
that death was a ticket to a tragic comedy show

a new beginning, a new day
the earth squeaks as it rotates past the sun
people from space watch it rusting away
and what ever happened to peoples dreams
have they floated away to join the stars
is there a junkyard in space –
filled with dreams and rusty cars?
and god is weird,
it looks like he has vanished or so it seems
like when you wake in the morning,
and try to recall disappearing dreams
a new age is beginning,
it’s a new beginning, a new day
but nothing ever changes,
it just stays the same
love is okay if you are masochistic
and you enjoy self inflicted pain
a new beginning, a new day

James Garratt – Monday 15th March 1993

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