Practice Makes Perfect – Written Monday 7th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Practice Makes Perfect

they keep on saying
practice make perfect
daily, i keep on turning people away
and not so long ago
i would have not believed in that day
now i know
that some people have to go
have not much to show
i am getting used to my feelings
practice makes perfect
want to know who i am seeing
are they god?
or the devil in disguise
lipstick and high heels,
the queen of drag
look behind the eyes
are they another downtrodden slag
when i look at them
do they need a paper bag
do they want to use me
then screw me up and throw me away
if that is the case
then i am turning them away today
practice makes perfect
and i believe that, and that is okay

James Garratt – Monday 7th November

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  1. That is a very interesting poem. I love the ending. Although, I am still a bit confused about the beginning—and sadly that’s keeping me from getting the whole idea of the piece. Do you think adding a bit more punctuations in the first part would help with comprehension?

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    1. To be honest all the writing around this time is a mess. In typing all this up, I have to work quite hard on some pieces to make them readable and just flow. At this stage, it was just writing, sit down each day, commit something to my pad, commit another one and so on. I wasn’t really doing anything with them, i didn’t even have a desire to share them, they were for me. Obviously people did see them in the end… Id o read this stuff and inwardly groan. But is okay, we are all something when we are young and it is about growth 🙂 Appreciate the comment as well.

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  2. It is not a bad poem! It is VERY GOOD! But I just thought if you spent some extra time on it to express the details differently, it would benefit it. But this is definitely quality work with a lot of potential!

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