Tired – Written Tuesday 10th July 2001 (Aged 26)


the solutions are there,
but we are tired
and it is hard to care
we know the work is there,
and we know,
it has to be done
but we are tired
so tired of the system
the one,
that stole our creativity
and put us into uniform
the system,
of universal routine
luckily the uniform is not so tight
that it suffocates the dream
and we know the people are there
but we are tired
and we know the solutions are there
just within our grasp
but we are tired,
so tired of repetitive tasks
if we can fight,
at least the clock on the wall
then maybe there will be light
at the eternal ball
we are so tired, so very tired

James Garratt – Tuesday 10th July 2001

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