Ten Second Silence – Written February 1995 (Aged 19)

Ten Second Silence

ten second silence
then the phone goes down
you talk to my friends
but then you are gone –
as soon as they ask your name
i know you are
i remember the pain
i know who is there
you have not got any decay
you are so scared
to explain to me
why you are no longer here or there
ten second silence
you coward, i bet you feel stupid now
one day i am going to get you
you had better realise that
ten second silence,
not a thing from you
i have no respect for people like you
i am just as stupid though
any willpower, i clearly lack
because if you would and i could
i would take you back
it is sad but it is true
because despite the pain you have caused
i still feel so much for you
it is sad but it is true

James Garratt – February 1995

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