She is Not Like You – Sunday 15th April 2001

She is Not Like You

she is not like you
she is different
of course,
it is wrong to compare
but it is not like i have a choice
she has the got the confidence
tinged with sadness and some shyness
i am reminded of myself
she walks on
you walk by
you do nothing but blame others
i know, i should have tried
she is not the same
she has shared my life
but you were there,
when i needed a ray of light
she has held me for a long time
burnt and etched onto my mind
she is not like you
she is some of my past
and i am looking to the future

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James Garratt – Sunday 15th April 2001


    1. Thank you – that’s very kind. I don’t remember specifically what this was about – but I was 26 and about to enter into my first serious relationship and i was leaving behind a number of disjointed relationships and one in particular – i think that’s relatable to all of us. I think by 26 when i wrote this i had spent a number of years indulging in the art of ‘being silly’ and i was opening my eyes a bit more to the world around me and myself. This quite confessional for me as well, thank you though, it’s nice to hear you felt this and it resonated. 🙂


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