Rose Coloured Glasses – Written Friday 4th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Rose Coloured Glasses

they wrote better books then
made better films
never spoilt anyone’s dreams
victorian teaching,
so the children would learn
films were romantic
and often starred the lovely audrey hepburn
people were often black and white
men wore wide wide brimmed hats
and women went out at night
gypsies lived on the moors
no one wanted your possessions
you did not have to lock your doors
on sunday you gave confession
because people still went to church
the earth was flat
and no one left you in the lurch
the world was always good
people went to heaven or to hell
and all the fortresses were made of wood
evening music and long ballgowns
no one talked about sex
crime was down,
a countryside with no bypasses
everyone was nice, looking back at the world
with rose coloured glasses

James Garratt – Friday 4th November 1994

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