Not My Fault – Written August 2008 (Aged 33)

Not My Fault

someone said responsibility had died
and no one had noticed,
and that no one appeared to care
because when they held the funeral
there was no one there
always kicked by,
‘not my fault’
and strangled by,
‘someone else is to blame’
suffocated by a multitude of events
which left people in pain

someone said belief had drowned –
in a sea of sleaze –
and outright filth
apparently decency launched a lifeboat
but it was old and badly built
it quickly sunk, as, ‘scared’ –
plunged in its sword, up to the hilt

someone said life was ill
in intensive care –
and on a life support machine
they were checking its heartbeat
but struggled to find any hopes and dreams
it is the fashion accessory to wear,
‘not my fault’ and, ‘you do that’
‘i am not to blame’, ‘you made me do it’
they all conspire and form a gang
and in the minds of the weak and ignorant
they have found a place to hang
so what badge do you wear
and if there any more funerals
will you be there?

James Garratt – August 2008

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