Losing Faith Part 2 – Written December 1992 (Aged 17)

Losing Faith

losing faith in the world we are living on
losing faith in everything i have got
a distorted reality exists in my head
i am afraid of living, not being dead
i look around, insanity he is wearing a crown
just open your eyes and look around
losing faith in all my strange morals
i’m even beginning to wonder about my feelings
my eyes look at the fuzzy television screen
chaos she is queen and she has created a really bad scene
maybe i am a weird boy with a bleak outlook
a bleak outlook on everything
last night, when i flew,
i saw distorted shapes and heartbroken screams
was it just the demon that lurks inside of me and all of you
losing faith in my familiar dreams
no screams, just people who are there
losing faith in this nightmare
losing faith in the people who often think they are right
all i can do is lay awake night

James Garratt – December 1992

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