I Cannot Let Go – Written August 2008 (Aged 33)

I Cannot Let Go

i cannot let go
not now,
now you are back in my life
and yes,
times for me are strange
and a life i once knew –
i let go, like i let go –
of his respect as a child
and my old life,
i released it back into the wild
and now,
i am blessed with you
because when you touch me
i feel the love i have flow through me
and it seeps into the core of my bones
and when you are not here,
i get the pure taste of feeling alone
i cannot let go
not now you are back in my life
and i know,
we have been here before
but once, we were much younger
but i swear to you –
you make all this worthwhile
and i will protect and love you –
with all i have
just carry on being beautiful
that stunning voice
that stirs every single emotion i have
i look at you
and i say goodbye to my old life
and for that, i am just glad

James Garratt – August 2008

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